LaboTex Software

The LaboTex software is the Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bits OS) tool for complex and detailed analysis of crystallographic textures. The program performs in user friendly form the different calculations and graphic analysis of Orientation Distribution Function (ODF), Pole Figures (PFs) and Inverse Pole Figures (IPFs).

LaboTex can be used to handle: crystallographic textures of materials such as metals and alloys, ceramics and composites, semiconductors and superconductors, polymers and rocks.

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The ODF calculation. Fast. Configurable.

The orientation distribution functions determined using the LaboTex program are ghost corrected. In comparison with the method of the ODF reproduction based on Fourier series the results obtained by means of the LaboTex program are also free from truncation errors of the series which is of great importance when very sharp textures are analysed. The LaboTex program calculates the ODF using both types of experimental data:

  • ODF calculation from Pole Figures by the ADC method
  • ODF calculation from a set of individual orientations

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PFs ODFs ODF calculation with LaboSoft

LaboTex ADC method Texture Analysis

Texture analysis

LaboTex 3 has several incredible features which enable the possibility of better texture analysis

  • on-line qualitative and quantitative texture analysis
  • texture analysis of all types of sample symmetry
  • texture analysis for materials of all types of crystal lattice symmetry
  • fiber texture analysis

Visualization. 3D and 2D graphic presentation

The program includes on-screen graphic presentation of calculated ODFs, PFs and IPFs in the form of contour levels shown in 2D and 3D spaces. 3D objects plotted on the screen are optionaly increased, decreased, shifted, rotated and animated. Up to 100 PFs or IPFs can be presented in one window. In Compare Mode the same kind (PFs vs PFs, or IPFs vs IPFs, or ODFs vs ODFs), or a different kind (PFs vs ODFs, PFs vs IPFs, IPFs vs ODFs) of objects can be shown in two separated windows.

PFs ODFs IPFs ODF calculation

Qualitative and Quantitative Texture Analysis

Identification of the orientation using cursors, giving their parameters in Euler angles and Miller indices can be done in a single window or in two windows of Compare Mode. The values of PFs and ODFs are shown in the points chosen by the cursor. Orientations are optionaly collected by the user in the orientation data base. Program includes on-line quantiative analysis of volume fraction of texture components (orientations).

LaboTex PFs ODFs ODF calculation ADC method

LaboTex ADC method Texture Analysis

Experimental Pole Figures Processing

It comprises the correction of pole figures on account of their defocussing and background, as well as preliminary normalization and the possibility of different kinds of symmetrization.